Monday, December 8, 2008

Me iz bak

Yes, It's me again. After a fairly long time, though I doubt if anybody did miss me. Whatever. No need of bothering with excuses, except the really genuine one. My laptop has stopped being disturbed from its self-induced coma. Again. So it is surfing from office and cyber café. I don't think my manager reads this blog. But my lead does (sometimes), but being a avid blogger and netizen himself, I'm sure he'll forgive me (Sandeep-san, I am counting on you :).

Whatever, let's come to the point. I mean my post. We all know what is the biggest news right now. We have seen the terrors and horrors with bulging eyes, endless shifting between the national news channels and/or refreshing the websites. Almost in an infinite loop.

Check NDTV, oh it's Barkha again chasing some poor survivor just out of Trident,

OK, go to CNN-IBN, Sagarika Ghosh in her weired accent trying hard to make sense what is happening (sounding like Arun Lal in an IPL match in the process... "It's a SIX... Yes, it's a HUGE six... He has managed to score six runs of the last ball.."). Change channel.

Good, Times Now. Exclusive telecast of the NSG operation at Nariman House. They are preparing for the final assault on the terrorists. OK. Back to NDTV...

(Nothing much to say about the other channels. See it here)

Sigh. Finally it's over. We are now busy with the usual blame-game, talk-shows, Mahesh Bhatt-Shobha De-Shabana Azmi crowd giving their expert opinions, candlelight-march and what not. I don't have much to say in this regard. Being a true software engineer used to copy-pasting code, I'll link to my not-so-old-post. Things haven't changed much. Yeah, it's bigger, scarier, more international (after all some white-skins have died this time). But the end result is yet to be out. We are waiting.

And still amidst this high volatge, out-of-Warner-Brothers'-latest-summer-flick type drama, where the daredevils from NSG, ATS and hotel staffs have won our hearts, our politicians came into the fore. And they showed, the species called Indian politician is not be under-estimated. At any cost. In any situation. So what if they have failed miserably in securing the lives of the people of our country. They can give statements. Statements which are so bizarre, you forget about the sorry state of this nation. It becomes a black-comedy. Or, maybe 'comedy of errors' is a better term. Read this one from the funnyman of Chennai, and have a laugh at ourselves (yes, we elect these people).

And yes. One more thing. After having 3 whole days of 24/7 live telecast and soaring TRPs, media, i.e. the news channels are being questioned for their apparent lack of sensitivity and restraint. Look at Barkha Dutt's answer to these questions and one beautiful article from The Telegraph.

So... what is the point of typing these things again, you might ask. After all you have more-or-less same thoughts in your mind, and hearing the same thing from every corner. Well. Nothing. Zilch. Zero. It's just that this my rant-box and I have nowhere else to express my rants. So thanks for going through this. Comments, any comments, rants, links, insights, on this event (historical as some people are saying) are welcome. Please feel free.

Btw, If anybody is wondering about the apparent lack of grammer and spelling in the post-title, check this. You might skip some of the links in this link-infested post, but don't miss this.