Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crisis of credit

Recession, recession, recession...Yes, we all know the world economy has gone belly up. MBA-types are calling up kirana stores and dhabas for "Work-for-food" schemes (Walmarts and Pizza Huts if you are in the 'Land of Opportunities'... boy, talk about misnomer!). And even that is not available. Sigh.

We also know the full story. How it happened. You know, all those Wall Street guys (MBA-type again!) lending money to people who should not get money and playing diwali-bumber-super-lotto with your and my money. And related crap. Lots and lots of jargons. Sub-prime, CDO, hedge fund, treasury bills, global-warming... wait not global-warming. Let's not bring Al Gore's into this now. Anyway, you get the idea.

Errr... Hmmm... Do we really know what those words mean? Nah. No chance. We can just throw them at regular intervals when appropriate opportunities arise. Something like company-goals-meetings and project-status-meetings! Effort variance and productivity curves and defect-density-in-sub-critical-tasks done in weekend late-nights. Nobody knows what those means (except the last one, which is suppsed to be very low, compared to normal tasks). But who cares. (Note to self: Too many jokes on MBA/managements).

Well, today I found a really wonderful video/infographics explaining the whole phenomena of how it started. Very cool animations. Great commentry. Makes you wonder at the grand complexity and at the same time the underlying simplicity of root cause. (Link courtsey the O'Reilly blog)

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

Try this link in case the video doesn't show up.

So enjoy the video and crack some more jokes on Wall Street.

Will come back soon. Lots of things to write about but no time.

Till then, ciao.

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