Sunday, April 6, 2008

(Belated) Happy April Fools' Day to me...

Think about it... It is 6 days gone after 1st April and I got tricked by Google/Blogger!!!

After a long-long time i came to put a new post and first thing I did was to check any news from So I go to this news-post and get mad at first try, click back-button in browser, again the same stupid song in Youtube and then it dawned on me...

I have been April-fooled, by Google... that news-post was published on April 1, 2008.

The funny thing is just days before I was explaining to one of my friend about Google's famous (and infamous) April-Fool pranks. Forwarded some links to her to give some example. In fact I kept my eye open on the D-day, so I don't fall into one those traps. Checked Google sites many times all day, checked Google's job sites. Nothing... Just a tame "yogurt" logo in Orkut...

But the surprise was waiting quietly. Like a seasoned predator it waited till the prey let down his guard and is most unsuspecting, it pounced. And got me.

In a serious note,
April Fool hoaxes not just about good fun and laughter. These kind of things help to keep the buzz about Google always going. For a company like Google, which makes money showing advertisements, like any media company (think MTV), being in the talk (or chat or mail) of its users is a must.

In the end I should add, whatever may be the reason behind, all kudos to Google to provide a situation like this to laugh at yourself and life in general. These guys know how to have fun and share it, how to make people happy and profit from it... No wonder they always come at the top at Best Employer surveys!

Keep it up Google.

[You'll find more about Google's hoaxes in this link]

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