Monday, March 17, 2008

Inspiration Hunting…

Some nights back (I think last Firday), I was as usual surfing late in the night, my friend Mr. Geek pinged and asked what I'm doing online at this hour (completely ignoring the fact that he himself is online). Well, I told I'm just browsing (and googling and wiki-ing) and looking for any good topic or material to put in my beloved blog, in short looking for some inspiration. So Mr. Geek told to continue my "Inspiration Hunting" and logged of. This got me thinkin'. Inspiration Hunting??? Not bad, huh… I'm sure Anu Malik, Abbas-Mastan, Pritam and all the creative geniuses of bollywood will find this phrase very inspiring.

Now here is one result of my 'hunting'.

I was following a post in DilbertBlog about a poor fellow caught in some intimate act (and indecent by some account) with a vacuum cleaner. Life sucks… yeah right!

Well, I was following the news article and found one more piece of gem.

And in 1993, Karl Watkins, an electrician, was jailed for having sex with pavements in Redditch, Worcs.

Sex with pavements!!! Pavements!!! Yup, you read it right… Must be some horny pavement. But one thing for sure, Mr. Watkins is a genius. I am not able to even think how he did it. And they jail him. How cruel. Screw them. Or better strap them on the pavements and make them suffer. Then they'll understand...

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  1. what an inspiration...after searching in google and wi-king late nights you got such a weirdo topic....... i think for such bizzare incident you can watch ben and hill show at 11:00 everynight in bindaas.