Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dream On!

I think you can guess the title has something to do with last week's release "Rock On". There are host of jokes/pjs going around, based on the film's name. The idea is simple. Random word + 'On' = PJ! This one from MTV Tickr goes like this,

Question: What would have been the name if the movie was based on girl bands?
Answer: Frock On!!
I know, I know, bad PJ... But that's the fun... :D
Anyway, the topic of this post is not pun on Hindi film titles. But it has
somethong to do with the said film. I have not seen the film yet, but what I have heard/read so far, it's a very good. Definitely worth a dekho. Maybe I'll catch sometime next week (badly screwed up in work for this week :( ). By this time you must have known the theme/storyline of the film, so I'm not going to waste screen space for that (if not, try this and choose one). It's about doing what you want do do in life and pursuing that dream. I saw this post on the film in PFC and really liked the way the writer has identified with the film. But, why I'm talking so much about a film I haven't watched yet? Because, very recently I came accross this ad in, and I wanted to post about it...

The caption tells "Put your skills to better use". Got the connection? There are some lucky people who are doing what they want to do. And some are not. Stuck somewhere else. And of course there are some who are not even sure what they want. Confused souls (I'm one among this category). And I really liked this advertisement. Other than being a fabulous piece of sketch, I saw something very familiar in it, a pert of me to be precise... Maybe, just maybe, someday I'll stop being an engineer and then be... Well, I don't know... something else. Till then, Dream On....

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  1. after a long time visited ur blog...but dream on in few words conveyed a lot of things..i recently read bout a guy who is a qualified doctor, done RJyin n VJyin,then theatre n now tryin out on muvis...yeah...dats a true dream on...break ur cocoon n live d oder side of u...