Monday, August 25, 2008

Overhead Transmission Finding Unexpected Receptions

I explained my rationale behind the name of my blog here and little did I know that it will provide me material for one more post. After you create blog you'll constantly check the visit count, if any comment is posted, if your blog is coming in Google search. In Google blogsearch it does appear, but normal search... no chance. Give "Overhead Transmission" and you get hundreds of sites about transmission lines, high-voltage power transmission and etc etc. Or so I thought. Looks like things have changed. Yesterday I was checking the visitor details (Yes, I can see your ISP, approx location, time of visits and things like that... no credit card details yet, but I am working on it). I saw some visits from Google search pages and guess what? This blog is now at #9 in the google results for Overhead Transmission!!! And what takes the cake is, it is now #1 when you select pages from India. I don't know till when it will last, but I am grinning like anything till that time. :D

I am sure some visitors in this blog came looking for a very different kind of overhead transmission and were disappointed at the quality of transmission found here. Aplogies guys. This is just my blog. Though I read some stuff about transmission lines and all but that was long long long ago. And if you happen to read the same post about naming of this blog, you will know I don't remember a single word about those lines. To use a bad pun, I can say "It was nothing but overhead transmission". But thanks anyway for visiting.

Now this was about people who was searching for some technical term (maybe students), but imagine the disappointment of the guy who came to this post of mine when he was looking for this. All I can do is pray for speedy recovery of your condition. And thanks for visiting!

And now I will go into more bizarre categories. Looks like this blog features at the very top when somebody searches for, hold your breath, Tranny Blogspot!!! What the eff!! Did you say that? Well I did, when I saw this amazing result. For those who doesn't know 'tranny' is a slang used for a transgender person. Naturally the presence of my blog in that search result, raises interesting questions about this blog's author, which is me. And I am pretty sure those who are searching for tranny blogspot in net are not doing it for their final year thesis on "Representaion of transgender community in blogosphere". If you are not getting what I'm saying, just search 'tranny' in any engine and you'll know. But before you jump the gun and start wild speculations about my profession also,
one sober fact. Tranny also means transformer, transistor radio and automobile transmission among other things. Says who? Dear wiki, who else. Check out yourself. Which does explain the situation to my relief.

Well... What can I say. Web search is not a perfect technology. It is evolving, just like the World Wide Web is evolving. And it is not possible to provide search results which provide exactly what you what all the time. We are so used to Google's brilliance we take things for granted. Just try using some other search engine for one day and you will see the difference. And till it becomes perfect (if at all it does someday) we'll keep getting these wacky results to write blogs on them... So in the end it is Google whom we should all thank. :)


  1. Atleast that makes your blog hit list count more... ;)

  2. Yeah... any publicity is good publicity... ask Raakhi Sawant..

    Thankfully my hit counter is not an "exponential b**k-off" counter... :)