Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Everything starts somewhere at some point of time. So this is the beginning of my blog Overhead Transmission.

This is where I'll put down my raves and rants (in which none of my fellow human beings are remotely interested) with this hope, that there are some enlightened souls who appreciate a good thing when they see one.

This blog will contain thoughtful observations about those babes who never give a second look towards my direction (that is if they gave a first look at the first place) and chosen expletives for those managers who give a first, second and third look every single time I discuss something non-technical or non-official with my co-workers.

This blog will contain my oh-so-valuable comments about important decisions taken by our Prime Minister and criticism of all the unimportant decisions taken by the Perpetual Morons in my company. Most of the time it will be of the latter category.

What did you say? You care a fig for these priceless gems? Remember I mentioned specifically about enlightened souls.

So ladies and gentlemen... wait... that's so uncool.

OK, start again. One...Two...Three...

Guys and gals (that's better), thanks for tuning to Overhead Transmission, I am The Transmitter welcome you all in my blog-station. Comment links are open. Please post your suggestions and criticisms, flowers and brickbats.

Now how was that?


  1. Its was really great.. i know you are always good with words and can put forward your opinion aptly. But this was a surprise for me. It great to see you here...

  2. Welcome here Avik. Tania fwded the link. Nice opener.
    Keep it flowing.