Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What’s in a name…?

Or rather behind a name. The point is, naming your blog is not as simple as it sounds (assuming you don’t want to name your blog as Sachin’s Diary or Rahul’s Journal or something similar). First of all you think of a name which describes your blog, it should be something humorous (to prove you have a great sense of humour), and it has to be a little hatke.

So after enough pondering, scratching various body parts, searching dictionaries and wiki-ing you fix upon a name which has all the necessary quality. Then you google the name and find out there are already five poor sods who have named their blog exactly the same (excluding ten other blogs which has titles 90% similar, differing in one word or so). Obviously they have stolen your name by some unfair means and created their blog before you. So much for being hatke...

So you repeat the process all over again. And again. And so on… till you find that untouched, unused, unthought name you were looking for.

I told it’s not simple. And no way quick. And one word of caution to any wannabe blogger, try to stay clear of words like Random, Mind, Thought etc. There are hell lot of blog-titles with these words and their permutations and combinations (incidentally all of these words are present in the title of my favourite blog RTDM).

But, after so much of hullabaloo, I am rather pleased with my choice.

I remembered, once upon a time when I was a student in some engineering college (yeah, engineering and I passed too), and the lectures used to pass by without bothering to venture into our brains (Oh those golden days)...
"If you give a discreet-time signal to a linear time-invariant system and take the z-transform, the stability of the system…"
Yawn… (I told you, those were the golden days). Anyway, the above phenomenon is termed as Overhead Transmission. And assuming that enlightened souls are never the majority in any community including the blog readers, I expect similar fate of my posts.

So this is the story behind naming of my blog.

P.S. It’s a bit out of the topic, but as the post is about names, I think the name of the Mumbai IPL team is the most unimaginative in recent times. What’s your take on this?


  1. So at last you have taken the mission to transfer your head (and also the junks inside it) over the internet. Good to see you.. Keep writing so that you talk less. :D

  2. good ones

    answer this,
    you topped in the BE degree (college topper) dude, so r u sure it was a overhead transmission for you?

    but anyway, good to recall golden moments


  3. yup as u said its really difficult 2 name d blogs cos u really wana it 2 b hatke 2 get noticed.n ya ders nuthin weird like mumbai if only the player of that team are indian and the rest of mumbai people like us are foreigners.but after all mukesh ambani really must have thought about it and den the numerologists and all also play a huge role....